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Beach villas for Families

Planning a family vacation can often be a daunting task. Finding a destination that offers something for everyone, from the little explorers to the relaxation-seeking parents, is no easy feat.

However, if the pristine Pacific coast of Costa Rica is on your radar, we’ve got just the place for you – Dominical, a gem that promises a perfect family retreat, and Monkey Villas is here to ensure your stay is both luxurious and comfortable.

Stay by the shimmering shore!

Location, as they say, is everything, and at Monkey Villas, we couldn’t agree more.

Our villas are strategically located close to the gorgeous beach villas, offering families easy access to sandy shores and sun-kissed waves.

Can you imagine the sheer joy of waking up to the symphony of waves, or watching the sun dip below the horizon as your kids build sandcastles? Pure bliss!

Family-friendly features at Monkey Villas

Swimming Pool:

Our villas come with a fantastic swimming pool. It’s the perfect spot for kids to splash around and for adults to unwind with a book or a tropical drink in hand.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen:

Eating out every day is neither feasible nor healthy, especially when traveling with kids. Our kitchens are equipped with modern appliances to ensure you can cook up a hearty meal for the family whenever you desire.

Spacious Rooms:

We understand that families need space. Our villas boast spacious rooms ensuring every family member finds their little nook to relax, whether it’s a cozy reading corner or a play area for the kids.


Discover family activities in Dominical

Dive into Marine Life:

The Pacific waters of Dominical are a treasure trove of marine life. From colorful fish to majestic turtles, there’s a world waiting to be discovered. Consider renting snorkeling gear or going on a guided diving excursion.

Waterfall Excursions:

Dominical’s surroundings are rich in natural beauty, including cascading waterfalls. Organize a family day trip to these scenic spots. Not only are they magnificent to look at, but the cooler waters also offer a refreshing dip on a sunny day.

Local Culture & Cuisine:

Dominical is bustling with local markets, artisans, and eateries. Spend a day exploring these, tasting local delicacies, and buying handmade souvenirs.

Wildlife Adventures:

Costa Rica is known for its diverse wildlife. Consider a family trip to nearby reserves or parks, where you can spot exotic birds, monkeys, and other fascinating creatures.

Your next family adventure awaits!

Monkey Villas in Dominical is not just about accommodation; it’s about creating lifetime memories. As you bond over beach games, shared meals, and nature explorations, you’ll find that the best moments in life are the simple ones spent with loved ones.

So pack your bags and head to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Your family adventure, filled with laughter, love, and discovery, awaits at Monkey Villas. Contact us if you need more info. See you soon, explorers!

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